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Why October is the Best Month of the Year for Austin

Why October is the Best Month of the Year for Austin

September 12, 2020

I was born in Austin and grew up in Tarrytown, attending Casis Elementary, O. Henry Jr. High, and Austin High School.  After earning a bachelor’s from U.T. I left to pursue a graduate degree at a school on the East Coast.   Other than living for 12 years out-of-state and in Houston where a job transfer brought me in the early 1990’s, Austin has been my home.  It wasn’t until I came back to Austin in 1998 perhaps more mature and perceptive of the wonders of my childhood city, that I realized that October is the absolute best month of the year for Austin.  Some will say ‘no’, it has to be some month in the spring when our leafy green trees and fields of bluebonnets and other wildflowers return with their familiar colors.  Others may choose December for obvious reasons – the dazzling Trail of Lights and Zilker Christmas Tree, and weather often so sunny and mild it reminds us why we love Texas.  But I will gladly offer my justification for announcing that the hands-down best month for Austin living is October!

Month number 10 brings so many wonderful sights, sounds and smells to we Austinites.  It is typically when our long, slog through summer ends and the weather breaks into temperate days and nights with just the slight hint of autumn chill.  The October daytime air retains enough warmth that our favorite swimming holes remain popular places to take a refreshing plunge.  The evening temperatures just before and after sunset bring the return of cool breezes not felt for the past five months and make gathering around a fire pit or barbecue grill once again tolerable.  And the smell of burning logs and smoking brisket takes on a near medicinal quality. 

The night air is also filled with the wonderful sounds of high school football.  Distant reverberations of play-by-play announcers, referee’s whistles, cheering crowds, and of course glorious fight songs and pep music from the marching bands echo across our neighborhoods every Friday night.  Saturdays in October Austin frequently mean just one big thing: our beloved Texas Longhorns are taking the field over at DKR Texas Memorial Stadium.  Being part of the multitudes descending on the U.T. campus for home games is nothing short of a sensory overload of celebration.  And when the Horns are on the road, watch parties and sports bars fill with partying crowds of faithful fans.

October is also a month of other truly unique Austin celebrations.  From the Old Pecan Street Arts Festival  and Texas Book Festival to the newer Austin City Limits outdoor music shows and the F1 races at Circuit of the Americas, Austin gets to welcome visitors from all over the country and the world during the month of our prime.  And though not a unique holiday for us, Austin puts its own special, weird spin on Halloween.  That spooky one-day excuse to go a little pagan seems to takeover the final week of October and certainly brings out the kid in most of us.

There is no other month that brings together so much of what the Austin lifestyle has to offer than October.

October is also a special month for my clients.  As a Wealth Manager and Accredited Investment Fiduciary® financial advisor, the beginning of the fourth quarter is an excellent time to meet, take stock of the kind of year it’s been and discuss plans for any portfolio changes that may be needed by year end.  Whether we’re mapping a client’s long-term goals and matching them to investment selections, or targeting certain adjustments that may lighten the tax burden so clients can keep more of their own money working for them, October is an ideal month to visit. 

I founded Current Investments Wealth Management, LLC as a personalized advisory firm where successful people can receive thoughtful investment guidance and a full range of portfolio management services from a trusted friend and financial partner.  And as an “Austin Original” I bring the long-term perspective of our unique community, economy and lifestyle to the office every day and every month of the year.  Please feel welcome to contact me if you’d like to visit, talk about your wealth goals, or get a second look at your current portfolio.  I’d be glad to meet you and extend to you and yours a complimentary introduction to Current Investments.  Hope your October is the best one yet!