With your goals in mind, we prepare a plan and a course to get you there. Scott believes strongly in guiding investors on the journey to their goals. If you wonder where your career path or life ahead will lead you, let us serve as your guide. Our philosophy of the client relationship is built on four key principles:

  • Know your goals – The conversation starts here. We encourage you to dream big and realistically, and to establish tangible goals that while they may change, provide a destination for us as we set out.
  • Develop a plan – We help you and those most important in your life chart a course using the latest tools and research available. We always place your best interests first.
  • Have a guide – Our business relationship works because we stay current and in touch. While we know the way ahead will include the unknown, our job is to make sure we help you manage risk.
  • Be transparent, accountable, and open – We know trust is fundamental and must be earned. That is why we commit ourselves to go the distance with you.

Current's, and specifically Scott’s philosophy as investment managers begins with the fundamentals. We believe in diligent research to discover how investment opportunities are created, what they are designed for, the economic environment in which they exist, and how they have performed over time. While this “getting under the hood” or qualitative approach to asset identification doesn’t guarantee success, we believe it deepens the client-advisor relationship. It does this by encouraging thorough conversations and offering a wide range of tools to manage risk and seek opportunities. This fundamental investing approach, as it’s known in the field, is how we establish a strategic, long-term plan for our clients.

Technical investing, what we call “inside baseball”, is the study of trends in asset performance based on movements in the market, and the statistics that measure them. It relies on these statistics to predict future market moves. Because most markets today are made up of the individual decisions of millions of investors millions of times a day, technical investing seeks to capitalize on familiar trends to reduce risk and occasional deviations from trend to seize opportunities. But as with the fundamental approach, technical investing is no guarantee of success. We use technical styles to guide how and when a client’s unique investment plan is implemented over time. By combining the two approaches, fundamental and technical, we develop our clients’ long-term plans strategically and put them into action tactically.

That’s what we believe. Once we set out on the journey together, these principles ensure we’ll always work together to reach your goals.

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