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Why Current?

life preserver buoy hanging on hook of boatWhen you hire Current to serve as your trusted steward and financial guide for your hard-earned wealth, you can rest assured we will work to keep that confidence.

Holding the Accredited Investment Fiduciary or AIF® designation places Current within approximately 2% of all licensed financial and investment professionals in the U.S. Being your Fiduciary means we will always place your best interest ahead of ours, not just because it’s the right thing to do, but because we owe you that obligation. For more on the benefits of working with an Accredited Investment Fiduciary, click here.

Our portfolio selection, allocation, and risk management approach employs the latest technology to customize a strategy that is right for you. In some cases where your needs require the services of legal or tax professionals or other areas of specialized knowledge, we will refer you to those who have our confidence or gladly work with any who are already part of your team.

As a fully independent team, we provide access to a wide range of investment opportunities not limited by a brand name or parent company. We owe our allegiance to you above all and will work to retain your confidence and trust.

Current Investments founder, Scott Hendrix, is known as the ‘real estate’ friendly wealth manager in his hometown of Austin. He is widely in demand as a consultant and speaker on tax-advantaged strategies real estate investors can use to diversify their holdings, defer potential taxes, and access passive income streams from property categories that would otherwise be beyond their reach or expertise. Among these are

  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Public and Private REITs
  • Real Estate Credit Funds
  • Qualified Opportunity Zones

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